The liontamer's watch was found ticking still this morning
In a pile of hair and hay; it's been three weeks since we saw him
And who would have known that something he loved quite so much
would destroy him so thoroughly
Oh, I guess we foresaw it
But the watch still came suddenly

Had you heard the story when you kissed by your carlight?
Could you bear to pause through the mist and the starlight?
Did you stop to take it slow? Did you even speak his name?
His work, I guess, was short
Did she turn around and say, Baby, take me home
Through the snow, through the snow?

So you travelled for compulsion and you travelled for the prize
But I never saw the travel, only the distance in your eyes
And the girl with the fur round the collar and fur round the wrists
turning blue at your window -
you don't have to suffer her,
You still might let her in, though

So please don't stop me talking. I'm afraid of what I know
The day my friends went walking in the snow, in the snow
And they were scared but they were fine
But still I see them in my mind
Their steps deep and alone
In the snow, in the snow

So I gotta get back south soon
Though the people make me crazy
I'm freezing in the city
And my body disobeys me

So I gotta get back south soon
I've not been home since March
Where music is a spandrel
An angel on an arch