I heard your fables but I hardly saw your face
I didn't want to leave; I didn't have a say
I got your letter, you can't ask me to obey that
I'm a servant, not a slave
I don't know anyone that brave

A broken wristwatch came in the mailbox
Could you help me sleep again?
The Stephanowski's lent me their Tchaikovsky
It only made me weep for them

Frank, Camilla, love and squalor
A soldier or a New York scholar
I could walk the city for a least a week
If you were with me
I don't think we'll last forever
but if I get my act together
maybe we can work out something
to last me through this loathsome weather

Stare out my window til the darkness turns to day
One time you told me that some writer used to say that there are
Two types of people, those who sleep and those who don't
Well I used to be the former
Now I lie awake alone

Got this addiction to life in fiction
I think I've read too deep again
Oh, to be tangled in your quadrangle
But would that help me sleep again?

Frank, Camilla, love and squalor
Back when movies cost a dollar
I don't want to glamorise,
I know that you were lonely then too

Squalor, love, what's shakin’ Frankie?
Honey, there's no need to thank me,
I'll shout you this sandwich
Cause you're such a picture in that jacket

A god for the new era or a
punishment for this Pandora
Johnny took a bullet
Now his parents live for Holst and Wagner
Your mother cracked the new glass table
in that old apartment
I guess creating fractures
is how she shows she's broken­-hearted

A deli, six a.m.,
a chess game with your veteran friend
or a choir in a church hall:
I admit they're worth defending
I shouldn't but I miss the days
when everything was black and white
The things I'd do for you
if I could only get to sleep tonight

Such a sublime peace from a dead timepiece
Could you help me sleep again?

Esmé's engaged now
Frank's moved away now
The city's not the same now;
Could you help me sleep again?

Love and squalor, hell for leather
Help me get my act together
I fall apart about once a month
Is it gonna be that way forever?

Love and squalor, Frank, Camilla
Now I pray for his flotilla
I will haunt this city end to fucking end
‘Til he forgives me

Frank, Camilla, love and squalor
You'll make a fine astronomer
I know that's there's still hope for me
I only need to get a little sleep.