It was in a dark bar in the city that I met them
I was drinking at midday: just a habit I'd developed
Diego and Guido introduced themselves to me
Like it was written we meet
They said: Let's get you out of here
Then they showed me to a bar down the street.

And if you want me, I'm here and I'm ready.
I won't stay for long; I have plans of my own.

They were sharpened like crystals
They were cold as snow
Iced up for a fight where the street turned to white
They were squabbling like pigeons
They were dropping like flies
Guido blinked twice

And the business all grew weirder
On a night out at the theatre
Me, I went with the flow
But in a cafe in Palermo where the pretty long-haired girls go -
well, how was I supposed to know?

Baby, it pains me to think of you staying here
There isn't a house in this town that's your size.
Don't envy me this, yeah, I still got my stories
But they are what formed me,
and I want you to know me.

There's something about brothers:
some gap that can never be closed.
And now that they're parted (though I know each as one)
Still I ache for them both.

On the corner near the water
where the bookshop owner's daughter
made one final stand
On the stovetop in his kitchen
he made love with her vision
while her flesh become one with the sand.

Baby, it hurts me to think of you lonely
but oh, how it saves me to know you're alive
My mind's started wandering; my feet soon will follow
The steps sound less hollow when you're here at my side.

And I'd like you to meet them - 
Diego and Guido -
I guess they're two of a kind
San Telmo; ven conmigo;
Tell me, baby, when can we go?
Don't wanna leave you behind.

I'd like you to meet them - 
Diego and Guido.

San Telmo; ven conmigo.
Tell me, baby,
when can we go?