Hello, hello, hello. Okay, so the idea of a bio page is to form a sort of cohesive narrative leading up to where you are now that will trick people into thinking you're a genius, and that they should buy your things and write about you in their manifold thrilling publications. You're also supposed to pretend that you're not writing it yourself, although of course everyone is, unless they're Bruce Springsteen or something. I'm not going to lie, I'm struggling with it. I've spent a good chunk of my life now trying to write stories using chord changes and black-and-white ink illustrations and cunning vocal manipulations and little tripping slant rhymes and yes, okay, this process has been the great pleasure of my life to date. That is true. But the thought of writing a story about myself, really truly about myself and not a more interesting fictitious transposition of myself who just so happens to be a witch-hunt victim or a horny Spanish student or a bad clairvoyant desperately seeking an oil tycoon - well, it makes me feel a bit sick. What kind of narrative could I possibly form from my life so far? How did I wind up doing about nine things at once for a job, and what links them together, apart from the fact that I can do them? I don't know. I know that I started writing songs because I was sick of playing classical flute, which I'd done for almost ten years culminating in my dropping out of music school in frustration, and I know I started drawing because I had vocal nodules after performing a season of CATS with viral laryngitis and wasn't allowed to sing for four to six months, but what about all the rest of it? One time I landed a three-day acting gig where I had to pretend to be a tarot reader at a photography convention, did you want to know about that part? That part happened because I didn't have any money, and I wanted some. Is that a narrative? All I have are tangles, and skeins, and things I did on impulse, and things I didn't do, and things I regretted, and things I didn't. How is this going so far? Do you feel like you understand me? Are we friends yet? Do you like the way I look in that picture up there? My pal Jakub took it. It's a couple of years old now but it's pretty cute, huh? Should there be more pictures on this website? Have I seduced you into buying a limited-edition giclée print for your mother-in-law's birthday? Look, just have a look at the work. You'll get the picture.



Caroline J. Dale is a singer-songwriter, illustrator and writer originally from the Wild West of Australia.

She is currently living in Brunswick, Melbourne, where she creates multidisciplinary projects on themes of deep sea gigantism, discipline and power, the female gaze, ballet costumes, old theatres, deserts, the apartments of the substantially wealthy, IKEA food courts and late night airports, and eye contact with handsome men on public transport.